Just back from two days in Joshua Tree picking up some basic rock climbing skills in advance of my planned Matterhorn expedition at the end of the summer.   My instructor was Dave Mayville, a world class "trad" climber who has lived and worked in Joshua Tree for twenty years.

 We hit some of the park's easier routes and amazingly, I was able to make it to the top.  You can check out some of the pictures below.  Mostly it's Dave climbing and me taking snaps.

Onward and upward!

"The Eye"  5.2

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In September of last year, I traveled to Europe to conduct a last research trip prior to completing my latest novel, Rules of Vengeance.   My first stop was London.  From there I visited Rome, Civitavecchia, Monaco, and Eze.  Following are dispatches from my travels.

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I'm just back from Washington DC where I spent several days visiting the headquarters of the Secret Service while researching an article for Parade magazine entitled, "Protecting the President in the 21st century. I don't know when my interest in the Secret Service started, but it was long before the movie, "In the Line of Fire." For some reason, I've always found this elite organization fascinating. The Secret Service doesn't just safeguard the President of the United States, (as well as several dozen other important personages), they are also charged with protecting the nation's financial institutions, and that means they are the lead agency fighting counterfeiting and electronic cybercrimes.

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